Saturday, March 31, 2018

Heaven is like camping at Ohkosh

What Heaven will be like

I remember every tent I ever slept in. My Dad and I went fishing in 1960's near Alexandria, MN and slept in a green army surplus type tent which had a musty smell of oiled canvas which ment high adventure to me.  I have the first tent I bought myself in the 1970s for Oshkosh I've used it 30 times at Oshkosh.   I flew into Oshkosh and slept under the wing of the Ercoupe at least 30 times with different friends and family.  Pictured here is my beautiful wife Marilyn and youngest son, TJ.   I can't bear to let the memories in the orange pup-tent with broken poles go.
I love waking up to revele at 7AM each morning at Oshkosh, now AirVenture.  It is a magical sense of adventure that comes naturally to any young boy and me.  There is nothing like stepping out of your tent and discovering a whole new world of aviaton.  This is why people vacation in beautiful places like Oshkosh.  It holds the secret to the stories you love.  No politics or fake news, just the sounds and smell of airplanes and visiting with people sharing the fruits of the spirit.  This is what heaven is going to be like landing at and stepping into a whole new fairy-tale world. Yes, I believe there will be an airport in heaven there for your tin mistress.  You won't need a hangar.  Airplanes will all be lined up for everyone to see and go "Ooh, Ah, Wow.  Can you imagine taking Jesus flying in your award winning airplane?