Sunday, April 14, 2019

Online Barnstormer blog is named after the 2018 Lindy Award Winner Vintage Lincoln Page.

Grampa was a Barnstormer and I am the Online Barnstormer

There was no FAA or aviation certificates available when the Lincoln Page was made and sold. My Grandpa went out and bought it and taught himself to fly. Below is a photo of my Grampas 1920 Lincoln Page.  He, Arnold and his brother Rubin purchased the Lincoln Page in 1929 for $3000 or $1500 each from Holman Field in St. Paul, MN with the infamous Hamilton OX-5 12 cylinder engine.  The side of the airplane has "Frieman Bros." painted on the Fuselage.

Incidently Al and Rubin pictured in their 1920 Lincoln Page were good friends with Charles Willis "Speed" Holman who was an American stunt pilot, barnstormer, wing walker, parachutist, airmail pilot, record holding aviator, and airline pilot. Born in Bloomington, Minnesota, he was the first pilot hired by Northwest Airways in 1926.
Oshkosh 2018 Lindy Grand Champion Award Winner.

I am the Online Barnstormer, a third generation pilot, aviation enthusiast and barnstormer pictured below.

My 1st barnstormer flight in standard Ragollo 1973 and my 1st barnstormer flight in fixed wing powered Icarus V hanglider 1974.  Both aircraft I scratch built and flew with no training of any kind.  There were no hangliding licenses or certificates available at the time.  

Notice me hanging by my arms.  I am barely strong enough to hang.  Taurus Kicenuik, the inventor of the Icarus V is on the left with the red helmet.  There were 7 powered hangliders at this very first powered hanglider meet in the mid 70's in held Mischigan.  They were from all over the country. and each had various levels of experience.  Notice the flags.  The winds were 25 MPH.  No-one should have been flying that day.  I had a kill switch in my mouth and I wanted to abort the flight because of the wind but my kill switch had shorted out and the engine wouldn't quit.  A video will be show the flight (coming soon).  It's a barnstormer.