Sunday, April 14, 2019

Online Barnstormer blog is named after the 2018 Lindy Award Winner Vintage Lincoln Page.

Oshkosh 2018 Lindy Grand Champion Award Winner

I am the Online Barnstormer, a third generation pilot, aviation enthusiast and barnstormer pictured below.

My 1st barnstormer flight in standard Ragollo 1973 and my 1st barnstormer flight in fixed wing powered Icarus V hanglider 1974.  Both aircraft I scratch built and flew with no training of any kind.  There were no hangliding licenses or certificates available at the time.  

Grampa was a Barnstormer and I am the Online Barnstormer

There was no FAA or aviation certificates available when the Lincoln Page was made and sold. My Grandpa went out and bought it and taught himself to fly. Below is a photo of my Grampas 1920 Lincoln Page.  He, Arnold and his brother Rubin purchased the Lincoln Page in 1929 for $3000 or $1500 each from Holman Field in St. Paul, MN with the infamous Hamilton OX-5 12 cylinder engine.  The side of the airplane has "Frieman Bros." painted on the Fuselage.

Incidently Al and Rubin pictured in their 1920 Lincoln Page were good friends with Charles Willis "Speed" Holman who was an American stunt pilot, barnstormer, wing walker, parachutist, airmail pilot, record holding aviator, and airline pilot. Born in Bloomington, Minnesota, he was the first pilot hired by Northwest Airways in 1926.

Tuesday, July 24, 2018

I have flown into Oshkosh 30 times and camped with my plane. It is the greatest airventure of its kind

10,000 airplanes

Oshkosh Arrival
My 1946 Oshkosh Award winning Ercoupe

Thursday, April 12, 2018

Airplane Toyboxes from TJs Flying Circus

The Original Airplane Toy Box

Airplane Toy boxes were created because I didn't have time to build a peddle plane for my sons birthday.  These peddle planes are fantastic and the plans are very detailed.  The plans are overwhelming and my Dad (Grampa) and I only had a couple weeks to build an airplane for my son TJ.  The peddle plane looked like the same amount of time to build my  ultralight.  We bought a piece of plywood and a sixpack of beer and created plans on a napkin to create the first airplane toybox.  It took a weekend to build and a weekend to paint.
Click Here for all the models.  What I am most proud of is that Paul Poberezny posed with his P51 airplane toy box in his basement with two thumbs up.  KidVenture also has a couple Christian Eagles at Oshkosh and the EAA Chapter house usually has theirs out on the deck for kids to play in.  
Favorite Airplanr Toy Box - Founders plane

Peoples Choice airplane toy box

Saturday, March 31, 2018

Heaven is like camping at Ohkosh

What Heaven will be like

I remember every tent I ever slept in. My Dad and I went fishing in 1960's near Alexandria, MN and slept in a green army surplus type tent which had a musty smell of oiled canvas which ment high adventure to me.  I have the first tent I bought myself in the 1970s for Oshkosh.   I flew into Oshkosh and slept under the wing of the Ercoupe at least 30 times with different friends and family.  Pictured here is my beautiful wife Marilyn and youngest son, TJ.   I can't bear to let the memories in the orange pup-tent with broken poles go.
I love waking up to revele at 7AM each morning at Oshkosh, now AirVenture.  It is a magical sense of adventure that comes naturally to any young boy and me.  There is nothing like stepping out of your tent and discovering a whole new world of aviaton.  This is why people vacation in beautiful places like Oshkosh.  It holds the secret to the stories you love.  No politics or fake news, just the sounds and smell of airplanes and visiting with people sharing the fruits of the spirit.  This is what heaven is going to be like landing at and stepping into a whole new fairy-tale world. Yes, I believe there will be an airport in heaven there for your tin mistress.  You won't need a hangar.  Airplanes will all be lined up for everyone to see and go "Ooh, Ah, Wow.  Can you imagine taking Jesus flying in your award winning airplane?

Wednesday, March 14, 2018

First International Drone Community Event

The First International Drone Community Event took place three years ago in Cambridge, IAduring Skunk River Valley Days..  I held the drone event primarily for Agriculture applications.  DroneSharks was created to produce the event.  Several Drone Vendors showed up and local and regional Ag Media .  One drone was sold to a local farmer under the table.  At the time FAA would not allow flying drones without a licence.  

1st International Drone Community Event held in Central Iowa

Tuesday, January 16, 2018

Lake Elmo 21D Hangar

My Icarus V was scratch built and rebuilt in early 1970's.  It was long hard work day and night working on the project for a year.  I have a broad based interest in aviation.  As you can see in the photo there are my R/C airplanes hanging up.  My first R/C,  a 1930s Trixter Beam and smaller balsa model I built from a kit.  My Tin Mistress, a 1946 Ercoupe has the 65HP Continental engine off for painting and also allowing me to polish the firewall.  That's tedious work but worth it making it an award winner Ercoupe at Oshkosh and other National Airshows.

The two Icarus V wings are hanging up on back wall (looks like art) with a second new paint design after recovering from the last crash.   Lot's of painting; lot's of newspaper and tape and personal touch.  A new gold hang cage can be seen lower left behind the propane heater awaiting assembly for future weekend powered hanglider flight.  With all you see in this picture - where is the time to fly?   It's too cold to fly and it looks like there is snow on the ground.  My Dad will be back soon from flying one of his Beechcraft Bananzas.  I'll open the frig. have a beer and think about where to focus my interest in this hobby(s).  I am too old and fat to foot launch so my 2018 project is to make the IcarusV into a Drone Ultralight with the capability to hover and fly.
Flying R/C models since early 1960's, Hangliding started in 1972 and bought Ercoupe in 1974

Sunday, January 14, 2018

Icarus V VTOL Drone Drawing #1

Using R/C Technology at first for proof of concept.  First test flights will be at local AMA sanctioned model airplane field using RC propulsion system from a EFlite XVert VTOL electronics.

Electric motors with two large propellors wil be fixed on a one inch aluminum tube with wires going back to ESC, Reciever and LIPO bat(s) for propulsion.  It is very easy integrate and experiment.  The is no need for moving the motors to control Ultralight.  VTOLs ob youtube will rotate the motors from take off to flying for high speeds.  This aircraft only flys at 20MPH-25MPH and motors will only be used when I'm in it to gain altitude.  Then I will glide down to land and use Motors to slow to land vertically so I won't have to run 18 MPH to land.  I will land like a Helicopter or Quadcopter/Drone.

 I visited John Moody in Milwakee and copied ideas from his Powered Icarus II and created a motor mount for a MAC 101 GoCart engine with a straight drive 24" propeller making my Icarus V a foot launched hang glider or Foot Launched Ultralight,predacessor the the Vintage Ultralights and Modern Day Microlights.  Note: I started flying R/C models in 1964.