Thursday, June 24, 2021

Attention Kids:  Get your first ride in an airplane FREE. call Scott Olson at (515) 620-9585

I am a volunteer Young Eagle (YE) Pilot and have worked for several YE Chairmen over the years including famous aviators such as Cliff Robertson,  General Chuck Yeager, Harrison Ford and Sully Sullenberger who in 2009 safely crash landed US AIRWAYS Flight 1549 in the Hudson River.  I am YE Pilot #04 out of 40,000 Young Eagle Pilots.  

My first Young Eagle is a commercial pilot

I started flying Young Eagles almost 30 years ago.  Technically I am the 2nd EAA member to fly Young Eagles.  YE Pilot #01 always belongs to the YE Chairman; YE Pilot #02 belongs to Tom Poberezny, EAA President and one other EAA member is YE Pilot #03.  Two Million Young Eagles have been flown in the last 25 years.  This is the most amazing and successful Youth program ever undertaken and kudos go to the 40,000 EAA Pilots and 1000 EAA Chapters who made it happen.  


My first Young Eagle kid became a pilot with a Helicopter rating and Airline Transport rating.  I had a big impact on him.  I was told he had my YE photo on his dresser until adulthood.  This Young Eagle could have learned to fly like an Eagle and Angel.  I missed an opportunity to make a Disciple of Christ through our EAA Network of Volunteer Pilots and Ground Volunteers.  Perhaps next flights could include a prayer for a safe, inspirational and fun flight.  It would be most valuable to bring a kid to Jesus Christ and to Aviation. It would be a gift to a kid that just keeps on giving. 

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Welcome to the EAA Young Eagles Registration website giving youth ages 8-17 their first free ride in an airplane

Welcome to the EAA Young Eagles Rstration website giving youth ages 8-17 their fir

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