Thursday, April 12, 2018

Airplane Toyboxes from TJs Flying Circus

The Original Airplane Toy Box

Airplane Toy boxes were created because I didn't have time to build a peddle plane for my 5 year old sons birthday.  The peddle planes you see at EAA are fantastic and the plans are very detailed.  The plans are overwhelming and my Dad (Grandpa Olson) and I only had a couple weeks to build an airplane for my son TJ birthday.  The peddle plane looked like the same amount of time to build as my  ultralight. which took a year.  We bought a piece of plywood on Saturday, a sixpack of beer and created plans on a napkin to create the first airplane toybox.  It took a weekend to build and a weekend to paint.
Click Here for all the airplane toybox models.  What I am most proud of is that Paul Poberezny posed with his P51 airplane toy box in his basement with two thumbs up.  KidVenture also has a couple Christian Eagles toy boxes at Oshkosh and the EAA Chapter house usually has theirs out on the deck for kids to play in.  You can paint or body wrap toy boxes.  You can build your own Airplane Toybox out of a sheet of plywood using detailed plans for $20 (call 515-620-9585) or build it with free plans 
Favorite Airplane Toy Box - Founders plane
Chapter House Airplane ToyBox donted to EAA

Peoples Choice airplane toy box

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