Sunday, January 14, 2018

Icarus V Foot Launched Hang Glider

This is a picture of my Icarus V in the early 1970s.  I pulled my 1946 Ercoupe out of the hangar to build the Icarus V by scratch from plans I bought from Tarus Kiceniuk.  I was interested in very low and slow flight to re-live some of the feelings I read about from the Wright Brothers.
Photo 1 Construction of airframe. Photo 2 is completed aircraft with original paint scheme at 1st Powered Hanglider Meet in Marilla, MI.. These powered hangliders were not yet called ultralights because anybody could fly them without a licence.  If you look very close I did have an FAA N number (N93675) on the wing tips and for the hell of it I put the word EXPERIMENTAL since I've been an EAA member since 1974.

Photo of my MAC 101 GoCart engine and 24" wooden propellor.  Notice  propulsion was full speed or no speed using a kill switch in my mouth.This photo was taken in the 1970s when very few of us had a motorized hangliders.  I remember Boris Popov who sold me my standard 18' rogallo hanglider had a hangar for ultralights with seats for comfort and and wheels for take off and landings, mostly Quick Silvres.a few miles from my airport in Lake Elmo which led to the dawn of the modern day Ultralight.

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